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The Presidential Election:  The Candidates’ Proposals on Child Care, Family Leave, and Taxes

While it seems that we’re inundated with information about the presidential election this years, discussion about the candidates’ actual policy proposals has been largely absent.  In this Audio Class, financial planner and Savvy Parent Expert Amy Brackett joins us to talk about the candidates’ policy proposals with respect to child care, family leave, and taxes.  We discuss Hillary Clinton’s and Donald Trump’s proposals for:

–  Helping parents with burgeoning child care expenses;

–  Providing paid leave for new parents;

–  Paying for these policies; and

–  Raising or lowering your taxes.




Smart Ways to Save for Your Child’s College Education

In this Audio Class, financial planner Sara Stanch joins us to talk about the best ways to save for your child’s college education.  We cover:

–  Tips for saving for college;

–  Tax Benefits of 529 Plans;

–  Prepaid tuition options;

–  How savings affect your child’s eligibility for financial aid; and

–  Gift and estate tax implications.